The Very First Time

“The very  first time” doing anything can feel somewhat uncertain as– even the smallest detail matters. This is my first time too; I hope to make it worthy of the love and time dear ones will invest in reading it.

Earlier , I was apprehensive  of the entire blogging idea. I din’t want to ‘do it’ just because others did it– the net may have a wide reach, but the effect it delivers depends  upon the essence of the creativity you put in.

To me, writing is not about commercial success – I believe it’s something very personal, a heartfelt message from the writer to the reader.

I have grown up seeing my mother  write beautifully. Even the simplest thank – you notes she wrote were always full of love, full of encouragement, truly endearing – like a reflection of her heart; they emitted beautiful fragrances, and never failed to touch the reader – I want to do just that.

So, welcome to my beautiful world; where “less is more”– aspiring  to leave you refreshed, encouraged and inspired each time .

Thank  you for joining me on my journey

Signing off with love and gratitude,

 – Roshni                    


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