The Beauty Of It All



Some of us want our hair to be the ‘Sehra – Lehra  ke  flaunt  karaa’ type, some of us want it  ‘Jodo – marodo’ experimental type, while others like it the ‘rang – de – baal santi’ highlight and color type. Be it any style or length – long, short, curly or straight – it’s our crowning glory, our  beauty .

However, our simple ‘preference’ has been at times labelled as a ‘compulsion’ and at times put to the test of proving its femininity someone may say ‘this hairstyle is sexy’ someone  may say ‘that one is modern’, we all have been subjected to nasty names and taunts like ‘long hair is old fashioned’ or ‘short hair is boyish’.

We become so unhappy over our tresses , and if this continues  it  might end us all up in carbon – copy identical wigs; the sameness will kill us , and that will be the end of it all. But – you’d rather thank God for whichever kind you have because there are many who don’t have any to complain about.

Have the courage to be unique and accept, that every choice comes with a price tag; stand by the choice you’ve made and withstand what it brings. Love your hair, whatever length, flaunt it, and lend a handful of tolerance to the other ‘zulfo ki raani’s’ around  you after all, as we say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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