The Soap Opera




Oh the soap opera!

So entertaining,

 yet devastating;

I wonder how old ladies ,

Watch them daily,

The TV itself must be sick, of showing a drama so thick!

So full of mom – in – laws,

With tiger claws,

The soap operas portray, in an exaggerated way,

The pain of being a daughter – in – law,

In a state of awe!

They are obliged to have a protagonist,

And by chance a terrorist,

The audience is faithful,

And director blissful,

Some think it’s a hit, others get a fit.

The scenes are jaw – dropping,

And hopes nearly flopping,

Tough rivalries, rough enmities,

To men it’s fiction; to women addiction!

A waste of time, truly.

And characters often unruly,

Oh the soap opera!

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