We often come across cute adorable sights of small kids holding their belongings, tightly pressed against their hearts and; even by mistake, if you happen to brush by them – you’re sure to get a loud snappy, NO!!!. Let me give you a few more examples. The picture above is an exact  re – drawn  version of a drawing of mine from when I was small, showing me along with my little brother and  mother, with my mother’s hands somehow – crazily twisted from behind her back, holding ‘only’ ME, many of us as kids, forbade our bestie from talking to anyone else, refused sharing our crayons, did not want other kids to touch any of our toys – we’d do anything to ‘jatao’ that things we loved are ‘sirf aur sirf, MERA’! all these are small actions, portraying a NOT– so –small  emotion : possessiveness.

As, we grow up, possessiveness is no more ‘adorable’ as fighting for a puppy, once High school crushes and dream opportunities enter the scene, Mr and Miss Adorable become Horrible: –excessively possessive and dangerously aggressive, envy turns evident, making them possessed with what they can’t posses.

There’s something or the other we are possessive of at every stage in life. It’s something inbuilt into human nature, but, we must learn to understand, discipline and balance this emotion.  For possessiveness in the right context and a certain level of it within the  situation it calls for is – beautiful, other than that it’s purely ugly.


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