A  lot of  girl’s handbags and face shares this common plight : they’re daily stuffed with make – up way beyond their capacity..phew!!!….inke daily make – up ka raang  itnaa gehra, ki  parties se daarta  hain  inka  chehra!

 Mindlessly, we go on using whatever we fancy on our face – lipstick , kajal, powder, concealer, scrubs, soaps, cleansers, or – be it  –  a face – cream (that probably claims to have you wake up looking like snow white)..but in real you might wake up to give others a fright! Unnecessary rituals and chemical products, do our face no good, they only half – satisfy our minds and fully satisfy the wallets of the sellers.

So, stop plastering your face under layers of chemical pastes – give  it  time to breathe! Remember: your face is NOT a concrete slab to go on everyday with stuff smeared all over…….gori ho yaa kaali ho, bina make – up, saaf chehre waali ho!

But, if you still want “something’’ on your  face  everyday, I’d say – go in for this time – tested secret – a true best friend to a beautiful face – your very own inner confidence, and a bright cheerful smile.

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