The rich, the poor, and the middle class

The rich, the poor and the middle class

Where the rich live in luxuries, And have the best facilities,

Life is merely enjoyment and fun; there’s no regret on anything done,

New items always on the list,

And their kids forever insist!

Where values find no place to fit,

And character plays no bit….

What an ignorant life to live.


On the other hand, there’s the poor,

Life’s a bit of a stumble and people are a little more grateful and humble;

Yet each day is full of bliss,

‘Cause hard work they do not miss,

Money is scarce, and opportunities rare; life’s a battle for three meals square!

And  though  trials are  always at hand, courageously  they take their stand


Then comes the middle class,

In   their morals they take great pride,

Leaving all ‘show’ aside!

They don’t have too much or less.. and   keep away from the pretence mess;

Life’s a  mix of simple and complicated, thankfully not sophisticated!

Dreams reach a height, and are accomplished with full might;

Yet each life has its pros and cons,

And mergers as life’s norms.


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