New schemes  by broadcasters – have only spelled out disasters.

As we’re all aware, our entertainment network services are making us select our channels under their new schemes and packages. Our cable services  have created for us packages such as  Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and even Kohinoor. Platinum – at a price that will leave your senses numb, and Kohinoor – tough enough to make your budget choor choor!

The filling of the package request form in which we have to calculate the number of channels and their costs from various fine – print lists, packages, bouquets, HD – SD, and  A – la – carte….gets so straining, confusing and expensive that you’ll end up ruining more forms than the channels you choose. Not just my brain; but even my eyes and neck got strained trying to look over and between many heads at the mixed – up black and white lists of channels on the wall. Surprisingly, there  was a full – colour catalogue with channel icons and packages explained in detail – but – that too, just one, and everyone pounced on it, while a lot of us felt like running away with the catalogue, someone actually went ahead and ran away with it! Anyways with or without the catalogue, no matter what channels you choose, you’ll still end up paying much more than expected.

The cheapest pack for Rs 130 – is  sure to give you a headache with it’s channels like ‘Air Bangla’, ‘Dutch Radio’, ‘DD Podhighai’, ‘Chardikla Time TV’ so on… and  yes, there is this one channel called “PEACE OF MIND”, but sadly, all of them have already taken away mine. Most of  these channels have always been there, that too for free; but how many of us have actually, ever watched them?

While, the TV ads of late by broadcasters  are quite the opposite, telling us  full – on  with much ease, as to how easily and cheaply we can get our entertainment at just Rs 8,10, much so that you can even get a new, entertaining MAN just at RS 13!

Why don’t they just tell us : “DEAR VEIWERS, watching your  favourite Junglee bhaluon ki toli, and your Virat Kolhi, your daily samachar, khana khazana aur aachar, your chaheti  Nakhreli Naagins and your Baadkismati Bahus, will now cost you, much, MUCH more”.

If not, here’s our cheapest Sar Dard(SD) pack, for Rs 130, along with (blank) Half – Dead (HD) channels.

Toh, aaj se hogi khushiyo ki braindrainment, HD – SD!..Har Din – Sar Dard .                                                                               




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