Kya thoda sa aachaar  milega  bhai?  Thodi si  doodh aur shaker – for  my evening  chai….. a spoonful  curd to set. A little curry  leaves  and chillies  for  tadka…..kabhi – kisi   ka dimaag bhadka, toh kabhi  kisi  ka dill dhadka!….. all   this and much, much  more  we  lend  and borrow  from our  faithful neighbours. These  things  may  appear small,  but are great timely blessings – flavourfully  blended with  inseparable love and annoyance, this is the  beauty  a part of our culture, where we don’t expect anything back!

However, there are things, we are happy to lend, but definitely want them back –it’s very convenient  for us to just go ahead, and  borrow just about anything  from our friends. Be it a pair of shoes, a dress or a magazine .. CD’s, DVD’S; a jacket for a dance, a kurta for a play,…and even each other’s  dishes.

“Borrow, don’t  buy” is a good motto for  dear  mother nature,….but this motto can be very troublesome to our close  friends, – especially  if we are the not – so – returning type. Buddy, iss Udhaar ke aadat ko Sudhaar!….

Some  of us end up ‘liking’ things  we’ve “borrowed”  so much that we  don’t  want to give them back, others ‘change’ the shape, size and look, of things beyond recognition before returning. Yet  another intrusting  breed of borrowers are so forgetful; that they don’t even remember, it’s origin, and  end up passing it onto yet someone  else!!

So friends, “these are the joys and sorrows of the things we lend and borrow; who knows at whose house you’ll find your belongings tomorrow?”

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