Most of the time, our discontentment or lack; occurs more out of our very own faulty perceptions, than anything else in the world. We have everything we need, but that’s not enough for us; we continuously strive and strife for things we ‘WANT’. Like a mad man chasing after the wind, we chase after our illusion of a so called  ‘perfect life’.

Finally exhausted, we die sitting at our desks….with our facial expression still showing….“how come I was never happy???’’.

 Oh, how  sad….I wish sitting at that desk we could have thought differently, taken  a close  look at our lives, we would have seen – that  some of the smallest, unnoticed moments of which we thought nothing; were actually the  most beautiful,  meaningful and  powerful  moments of our lives, which were over – shadowed  by our very ‘big’ unrealistic goals……..

So we have a choice – sitting at our desk we can just die out of desperation for things we don’t have or – celebrate the God – given life that we already have; and become an inspiration

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