Professors with the highest degrees from the highest universities to their credit, campus like a Hollywood film set. Facilities so advanced and sophisticated, that you have never even heard of before, a reputation that most other schools can’t stand up to in a thousand years;

 These are some of the common ideas for which parents often  push  away  their kids into distant ‘dream lands’ in the hope to  make them more intelligent and successful than their counterparts.

Kids  get sent away so very young, to hostels  so very far away;  separated from home and  family, they  learn  to  become part of the rat – race;  learn  everything about the world, adjust with everything…….grow up with dozens of other kids and yet; all by themselves.  

Very fast  they become into  strong, successful, independent adults – BUT – in all this jaldbaazi  they often  miss out on the very first lesson of  life : THE FAMILY  TIES . The   few precious years growing up at home, get  lost somewhere;  and all that remains is a silent lifeless home; with  parents  dearly  clinging onto the few faint memories  of their children, desperately and longingly  waiting for them to return  home.

 Unfortunately, some of these longings  remain  unfulfilled.

But from the children’s point of view – WHY  would these children who have NEVER  known ‘what it is like’ to be at home; EVER return to their old humbled nest? When their very  own Maa – Baap  have shown them; only the biggest, fanciest,  farest, place is the BEST?

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