Sarkar  lagi, Naye Bharat ki  aadh mein; aur hum doob rahe hain baadh mein..

Sarkar  lagi, Naye Bharat ki  aadh mein; aur  hum  doob rahe hain   baadh  mein..

(government hell – bent on making a  New India, while we  drown  in floods)

Oh bhai, fearfully  respected   government  walo;  Raat – O – raat lete  ho  faisle  dhamakedaar,      Sun ke  hamare  kaan  aur  dimag  ho jaate hain  dhooedar!           (oh dear…feared government, over night you make decisions that  are explosive           upon hearing,  our ears and brains let out smoke )                                                              

Apke  baaton  se  lagta hain  jaise; naa aap ke pehle – hoga  kisi  ne socha,  nahi  ab, milega  kisi  ko mauka,  Naya   Bharat  banana  ka khayal sirf  aapka  hain anokha     (you speak as though, – no one before you had ever thought…and nor will  anyone now get a chance; the idea of making a New India is uniquely only yours)                                                              

Puri  duniyaa  mein  uchal – khud  kar  rahe  ho; 5 trillion  economy  ke  baaten kar  rahe ho.. 2023  mein World  Cup host  karne  jaa  rahe ho…                                                               (you are leaping and jumping  around the whole world,..  talking  of a 5 trillion economy…and  going to host  the World Cup in 2023)

Kyun,?? Bhai Kyun??                                                                                                                      Kahe itna  aage – aage  ;bhaage – daude, udde  challe jaa  rahe  ho aap log?? Pehle  ek  nazar hamare 2019 ke sadko ke taraf  bhi  ghuma ke dekh lo  khaddo, aur ghataro main gir – gir ke , marr  rahe hain hum log…                                                                          (why?brothers why?why are you going  so much ahead, running, speeding, flying, ? First  turn around and take a look at our 2019’s roads, we are falling in potholes and gutters..and dying)   

Hum  pehle se hi hain  itne pareshani mein, Aur  philhal doob rahe hain  paani mein;  Lekin hamara kaun sunne?                                                                                                    Yeh  toh  lage hain – har  TV channel pe “humse bada kaun?’’ – Chilane  mein..           Auro ko  neecha  dikhane  mein  – Ladne  – jhagadne  aur  taang  adhaane mein! Itna baas nahi hua, toh bhagwaan jaane –                                                                              

 Kya  aaya  inke  toofani  dimaag  main?; Jo chale  naak  ghusaane  Kashmir mein !               (we are already, from before  in  much trouble and at the moment we are drowning in water . But who will  hear  us?As  they are busy, on every TV channel shouting   who’s bigger than us?’ In putting other’s down ; fighting and sticking their legs everywhere. As though this  wasn’t enough, God alone knows  what may have  entered their  volcanic minds  that they went to stick their nose in Kashmir)

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