Being a goat, for a guy

From making a fuss over nothing; to throwing loud visible tantrums, to creating dramatic scenes, to putting up fake shows, and much more……

I wonder just what goes wrong with some of us girls,….when it comes to guys! 

In real, we’re the types who are actually  capable  of catching  a bull by its horn; and even sitting on it and having a joy – ride! But, as soon as a guy comes by, we sheepishly and feverishly  transform ourselves into  baakri’s  in distress pleading for help….!!…like – “oh please save me from this ant, looking at me, hungrily, and from that fly,  flying around angrily”.. and what not, there’s no end to this nuisance…

 Then comes the, “I have n0 mind of my own, so if you jump into a well, I will jump in as well!!” types..

Because I’m  mindless….I will laugh and clap, sing and dance, for any stupid thing you do..and  be in highest agreement of the dumb, dumber, or dumbest stuff you say.

“hum do be – dimaag , gadhe; ek dusre ke liye banne hain khaas, chalo hum dono ghume – phire, aur chaat ke jagah khayen ghaas.”

(we two brainless donkeys,  are made especially  for each other, come lets roam around, and eat grass in place of chaat.!)

  Finally  there’s the – “We know it ALL, We’ve done it ALL. And, we  want them ALL” types, we can  DO or DIE, to impress the guys”……..  We are truly the most terrifying breed, feared by even the guys themselves, like some ladakoo vimaans  we are ready to air drop a bomb on any girl who passes by – any guy!

Armed  with our  hair up in a scary wild  puff; and a deadly colour – combination  of  make – up;  a deliberate drastic change in our chaal – dhaal, and all the efforts in the world to look overly kamaal…. ..”

Areeh oh sambha, …..kitne ladke thain, reh??……(jitney bhi thain….saaren mujhe  hii  chahiyen..reh..)

(areh oh sambha, how many guys were there, reh?… however  many were  there…I want them – all for myself …reh )

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