Life before smart phones was so much more better, in terms of togetherness, we were so much more social, warmer, simpler, loving, caring, and most of all, so much more connected. We were real healthy people enthusiastic about life.

But today, we live inside our smart phones, and are   clueless about the  normal things  in life  and  have  lost  interest  in the  real life and the surrounding, around us.

We’re unhappy and discontent, wanting more and more and demanding for things to work faster and faster at the tip of our fingers and  have become lazy, and unhealthy, fat  and thick – headed, with phones and  apps that can do more and more with lesser and lesser efforts from our side. The bigger the phones are getting, the smaller our hearts are becoming, and the tougher it is for us to gain control over them.

If this continues, someday we may even  forget how to smile, talk or exchange emotions, normally and will become cold, monotonous, rigid and lifeless like the gadget we consider as our greatest advancement.

While, in the world of  science and technology, the idea of a smart phone that can do everything  for us – may seem as the greatest miracle – but I can only very sadly say, that it will only be a miracle if the human race even survives such a dangerous persuasion.

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