The true spirit of the elections

Although, I’ve never really been interested in politics, the 2019 General election, did draw my attention towards it. There was so much to that election;  so much beyond just campaigns being led, speeches being read, flags being waved, party leaders with strong heads and their respective followers with even stronger heads……and the one seat; that they all sought for.

Even before the results were announced (on 23rd May 2019); there was  beating of drums, bursting of crackers, shouting and celebrating,: in  all the unnecessary  noise, and  display of excitement, the  sound of true democracy  got lost somewhere. What was left was, what VICTORY  and defeat are all about; and how much of the election is made up of power and how strong it runs.

On the other hand, discouragement was clearly seen  in – the Congress party, which lost the elections; but there was something about Rahul Gandhi; who had persevered and withstood. A man, of quiet strength; governed by subtlety and soberness – who, in the face of an uncontrollably heart – breaking second – time defeat; courageously with all honesty;  acknowledged, accepted and faced the nation and those, he was accountable to. He promised to stay on, and work even harder, to serve his people and continue to love all those, who mock or try to pull him down.

This shows, that greater than the seat itself, mightier than the grandeur of its power and position, louder than the roar of invincible supporters is – the calmness and composure of one’s speech and behavior, in which rests the true spirit of the elections; that brushes across each one of us silently like a feather, and yet bears the weight of a TRUE Democracy.


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