Valuing  those  who  serve us daily



While  there  are  those of  us  who truly value, appreciate, love,  and  understand  those  who play an important role, in our lives by  serving   us day in and day out – 24/7, 365  days a year; a lot often without even a holiday,…. These people;  such as – our  household helps, Malis, cleaners, garbage collectors, Dhobis  and so on….  who  over the time;  become  like  family members  to us,  –  and  will  remain  to be an invaluable part of our lives.

But then,  there  are also those  of us – who’s  mindset  stuns me  as to – how   come in all our talks  of  having  progressed  we are still so fat – headed, so narrow – minded and so kanjoos– hearted; that we continue degrading our  household  helps – order them around, as and how  we  please…. and don’t even  bother to  utter  a  small word of  ‘thank you’ ?’’!!??… – or  – offer  them a glass of water; and  feel we have more than  made up for it by  giving them some  sadela, left – overs :  lying  in our fridge  for so long; that the fridge itself would have spat it out, if it only  could!……..

Whereas  even   for  an occasion  as  simple as  inviting  someone  over  for chai…: we  mean,  demanding  and  FEARsome  employers; might actually end up losing a leg or so, tripping and stumbling over things to be done : if  they don’t help us…..  

Our helpers   do  our dirty dishes  spilling  out  of  our kitchen  sink, right  onto our kitchen floors…..extending to our dining tables, and where not;…. they work  hard towards  making  sure our food is served on time, and our Ayaa’s  run  around  all day, looking  after  our  kids; with the added  stress of  our kid’s  not – so easy to deal with temperaments  and tantrums;

And  yet: our  proud upward  facing  pointy long, nose might just get  shortened  if we ever ‘acknowledge’ them.. this  baseela  ‘they’re  just workers , and  we pay them for it’ attitude  of ours really, really stinks!

 But;  I’m more than  tempted  to remind us, that our  lives  would  be more  miserable  than  our fungus  orthodox  bhejas …….and  the  sight and condition of our homes  more  frightful  than  a haunted house : without  the service of those who serve us daily.

2 thoughts on “Valuing  those  who  serve us daily

  1. You write your heart on paper.
    It could have been better if you added facts and figures to and ended on a progressive positive note.


    1. Thank you so much! Your feedback means a lot..yes I agree about the facts and figures..and I will work on it..being more of a humanity and emotion oriented person..I had never thought of these perspectives.!thanks


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