Reach out!!

Reach out!

For each one of us it  has been a hard year – and – a – half  ;

It seems like we have  nearly  forgotten  how   to  laugh.

So many loved ones we have lost, – 

The mentions of many names from now on,

Shall cut the conversations to an abrupt  end.

Never again to certain addresses;  a letter will we send.

Which one of us may have ever thought,

that  we  would see a day of  this  sort ?

so my   friends !

Lets reach out to one another,

and  extend our compassion to the needy  lot

Reach out; to the friend who is confused and in doubt.

Reach out to the neighbor who has locked others out –

Reach out – to  the beggar and the stranger at the corner of the road;

Through your actions  let  them know what kindness is all about!!

Sometimes it’s easier to reach out –

 to others who are alone;

than to one’s very own;

So my friend;  

Reach out; to your long  lost brother, your far away kin!

Reach out with hope; for God has called us to be

beyond just blood and skin!!

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