Although, in the last 18 months; I have gotten a relief from my family and friend’s tiring trip tales, I must admit – that I do miss being in the “Tour tumhara, torture mera” situation!

Be it chewing my ears off on the phone – bragging, boasting and breathlessly blabbering about their  holiday!!

Or  in person , nearly blowing my head off, they start with their rides on a horse, their mornings at a resort with hill view; I tire more then they got tired at their treks….then they tell me about scuba diving; and I’m nearly drowning!!

I have had family friends, : vying, prying, crying, and dying to pop my eyes out !! just about anywhere – constantly tapping my shoulder with a “and see THIS, and see THAT, and THIS ONE and THAT ONE!!” to stuff themselves and me into their phone; overloaded with repetitive trip photos!

Having been through the  bhayankar (terrifying) and  exhausting narration of their  holiday trip, accompanied by their laborious efforts to bore me to death; I have often imagined myself telling them about their dreaded delusion of themselves being the supreme lord of travelling, however I’m thankful I didn’t literally do that – because now; I do miss the very same things – I do truly wish back for our good old days with all the torturous travel tales!!

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