MISS ‘same to same’

While beauty  is meant to be diverse and filled with amazement; beauty contests  are just the SAME OLD  sameness ka arrangement!!!

The  girls at most of our Indian beauty contests are all : tall, thin, and of course; fair and lovely…  aage, peeche , upar, neeche they all look same – to – same; itnaa zyada same, that I doubt anything can differentiate them, apart from their name!!

The same gown! the same hairstyle; – an obnoxiously big  high bun which looks more like an anaconda  curled up on their heads and the same kamar pe haath wala signature pose; ka zabardast dose!!

And baap  rey  baap !! When they walk the ramp – my reasoning fails me to understand as to just  how they turn and make the same DARAWNA serious glance….they look like they’ll eat you, if they only got a chance!!

In all of this sameness, I must say that the JUDGES definitely have some rare ADHBUT talent : to still find a winner amongst them. And ALAS!! The rest of us are KHALAS!! : for only the one girl bearing the weight of that pretentious CROWN on her head; is the most admirable, desirable, sought – after beautiful being on earth and in heaven!

Arey baba!! Have we come to this extent of superficial beauty  ka juncture;  that our commonsense has only gotten puncture!? When everything else in life is unique, different and special in all it’s differences and variety – then why has this boring sameness become our unfortunate qualifying criteria for beauty?? 

12 thoughts on “MISS ‘same to same’

  1. I just love the way you write…………..
    “obnoxiously big high bun which looks more like an anaconda curled up on their heads” is my favorite. That was such a good imagination. 🙌🙌🙈🙈❤❤❤

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  2. This is the reason why such contests are extremely boring these days. No weird participants, everyone pretending to be well behaved and perfect.
    Are Bhai yeh bhi koyi life hai?

    Organising some genuine contests where everything is not preplanned is the need of the hour

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  3. Hey, I really loved the way you have put all the things happening around in such words. It is so relatable. These are the things which we see in our day to day life. Keep writing, and inspiring others to write. I loved it. It is just amazing ❤️✨

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