The unpredictable  mind,  of the over – sensitive kind!

These  VOLCANIC, any – moment – ready  to erupt, burning – coal headed, lot of people  have a toofani bullet  train mind – they make up their own idea for everything ! and maintain  the most extreme  unrivalled sense – of   “bura  maan jaana” and – NO MATTER  WHAT – manage to  find  “tantrum – throwing  ka bahana”!!

The process of talking to them, has a massively, bhayanak; effect on the mind of any NORMAL person and can leave you with the – sarsarahat, farfarahat and ghabrahat  waali feeling!!!

Anything ,  said  even in the best of intentions; is somehow manipulated by this lot  ; and turned into a personal insult,  bad feeling and a million other  complications!! Their minds are  fully loaded  with land mines –   you don’t  know what may  trigger them  and   BOOM – BHAA – DOOM!!!!……it’s a blast!!

If you  talk to them, you’re stuck, ..if  you don’t  you’re still stuck ….

If  you  look at them, they   say  “you’re staring”  … if you don’t look; they  assume you’re ignoring!

If you involve them, they  feel  you’re forcing,  if you don’t;  they think you’re REJECTING.

And may the gods have mercy on you, when you’re  talking to them as a group,  you can feel the sweat and fear trickling off  your  forehead and  neck  at the very  imagination of  some Moofat  saying something, or just about anything;  that  might get to them!! For , in my humblest opinion; the world’s most  hanikarak, and explosive combo – is  that of a be – dimaag moofat  and a zarurat se zyaada dimaag wala  over –sensitive Khusat!!!

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