Being  a  goat  for  a  guy – part 2

The – extremes

I  must say  when it comes to guys ,  some   of  us   girls  are  a  level  above  THE  REST  and suffer  from an  exceptionally  hazardous  unexplainable bimari…..known as the  ladkiyo  ka EXTREME  Khatarnak dual personality disorder!!!

Meet   the  ‘Ghar ke andar;  Mummy Daddy  ka  baby  Bandar’  ‘Main  kaun  hu? Mera  naam  kya  hai??’  TYPES  … who,   act completely  oblivious  of   their   surroundings  especially of  the  prajati  (species)  called  “BOYS”,  but  – as  soon as  they  are out  of  the  leash  they  become  vigilant  as a  leopardess  set  out   to hunt… they  can  slither  like a snake, and imitate  all  the  moves  that  a  tigress  makes…They  can growl, and roar  and  pounce and  chase  the  boys, out of   their  hiding – places;  go  HEAD – OVER – HEELS  and do  Hulla – huppa  jhingaa – lalla !  ‘Till   they  have   sat  on their  head, pulled off  all  their  hair  and given  them  all  a  good  life – long  scare’!! 

Then  we  have  the  REVOLVER  RAANI’S :  ALWAYS  ready  with  GUNS  and  DAGGERS   in their  army  tankers  to attack – and  BOMBARD!   

We are  the  TYPES   Who can go  to  any   height  and  turn  black  into  white  !! to  rid  the  earth  of  ALL  the  OTHER  girls… and be the ‘LONE ones standing’:   before  the boys!!’  

Our   level of  insanity and  HOSTILITY;  is  so  out of  measure’  that at  the  very  mention of  another  girl ;  we declare a war …and  give  out a  shoot – at – sight   ka  order,  be it  on  earth  or outer space ka  border!!!   

Mai  esaa dynamite, grenade,  bomb  phodungi!! 

Ek bhi  ladki  ko bachne nahi  dungi…..!!

Ladko  ke  duniya  main,  sirf  aur  sirf  mai  hi  raj  karungi.

14 thoughts on “Being  a  goat  for  a  guy – part 2

  1. missing line- Chl be side hatt..😂🤣
    Literally ever single DAY a girl atleast depict a sentence or action lyk a boy.. where she totally nailed it better thn boys..(no offence)

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  2. Amazingly written and highly entertaining! 😂💯 Totally evoked flashes of the Bollywood Shanthi I have known using filmy dialogues and leaving people in splits! 😁💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thoroughly left speechless. I hope there is male side version to answer the Revolver Queens too.
    Nice one though. All the Best for your Future Sassy Articles 😁

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