Bollywood’s   storyline  is  HIT:  kyunki  yeh  ho gaya    hain humare  khaali  dimag main FIT!

BOLLYWOOD’s  shandaar talvarbaasi, and ghode – pe sawar, REVENGE ka bhukaar;  punchlines  ke  saath  tayar  heroes and heroines….! Laila’s  and  Majnu’s   with  their,   “chup – chup ke milne”  ka jugaad  and   sar  pe  “tension ka pahad” !! and  their  pathetically, hysterically, unrealistic – dukh bhari daastans, with risk – laden raastas!

The  “pyaar main andha”, compulsions “se bandha” jhund of HEER’s and RANJHA’s ..being   chased by smugglers of  CHARAS and GANJA !! Belonging  to none other  than the  conspiracy clan :  the descendants of Gabbar Singh and Mogambo  : some  high – profile sophisticated criminals, in suit – boot – glares; accompanied by  men – in – black ki band, others – the  gunda – mawali  chor, daaku, “villagers ko dhamkao, heroine ko uthao” type……..

Then we have the  ancestral blessing and family trait  of the – HERO’s purvaj  to always   fall  in “LOVE” with the “Gaon ki  SABSE gori”…  THE most impossible forbidden chori,:  the  daughter of a RICHEST Sarpanch, Sardar, Thakur, Raja, Zameendaar, …???? with big trail of Kala – gaadi’s and servants ka paltan….OR either so rugged, so poor so DUR – BHAGYA  stricken, misery ridden; khandaani  gareeb ki santaan !

Whatever the  case – our  beloved  “Heroines”;  whether  they’re fighting  with  barsaat;  andhi – toofan  OR working in the khet  with dhul mitti and raith ;  their hair and skin  is all glossy,  all set …all HIT!! Singing  and  dancing  around  jhaad, phul – patti…… all that ‘HERO ke baahon mein  EFFORTLESSLY girna’;  ‘baalon ka hawa mein  yun udhna’… Aah haah – haah! How eye – popping; how  jaw – dropping,!! There’s admiration, there’s  CHEER  and exaggeration beyond  imagination  which may  result in a series  of  brain  damage, wearing &  tearing any bit of  our  ability  to THINK  and  DISCERN any FURTHER”! …..BUT….. “yeh hai BOLLYWOOD meri jaan, iske liye DILL toh kya,  DIMAG  bhi hai  kurbaan”!!!

11 thoughts on “Bollywood’s   storyline  is  HIT:  kyunki  yeh  ho gaya    hain humare  khaali  dimag main FIT!

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 you forgot to add the seed of romance, how he acts like a creep in front of gaon ki gori and harass her to point when she fell in love with him. And voila!! Here comes a classic love story..

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    1. Your so right dude the pursing her with badtameezi needs consideration
      Thansk so much for ur feedback
      Thanks for reading 😂❤✌🏽
      Do follow for more
      Will come up with another version with this extension too🤣🤣🤣


  2. Its was bestest analysis of Bollywood ki duniya in a funniest and entertaining way😂😂🤣🤣🤣😁ur sentence making creative is just on another level💯❤️👍and ur sarcasm… Woohhhooooo!!!! Keep it up💯💓👏💪☺️

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  3. Chair ya table ka disbalance hona,
    aur phir Heroin ka hero ki baahon mai girna ….uffff😂😂😂
    It is Bollywood ka typical scene😄.Really enjoyed it….
    Your entertaining style in a sarcastic way is amazing👏

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