This  festive season put  your imagination of compassion, into real ACTION!

There has been so much  talks, about – what all we have been through socially and financially as a nation in the last 19 months, BUT now – we  actually  have a chance  to celebrate “walking the talk”, by  looking  beyond just ‘ meetha – pakwaan, phul jhaadi, and haatho ke liye nayi ghaddi’.

This is especially for those of us who fancy ourselves as the Pitaa ji, or Mummy ji of all the goodness and kindness and charity in the big wide  world , we read  books with the most atrociously FAKE descriptions of charity, listening to speeches by great persons, and always quoting quotes of endowments, philanthropy, selflessness, and generosity…!! Even saints  and scholars  may fall short IN FRONT of the  way we give BHASHAN’s about changing the world through kindness and compassion in our HEADS!!!!

We  are so imaginary with charity and so IGNORANT of one’s reality that we drool and savor in the delicious flavor of unrealistic “once – upon – a – time” kind of stories – but asliyaat is quite FAR from this imaginary nonsense of ours!! Leave alone going WAY, WAY, WAY out of our WAY … to help – we won’t even do something for someone who is actually  RIGHT in our WAY!!!  All  our kindness and compassion : becomes dhua and disappear into hawa!!

So; …my dear friends reality mai dill khol ke karo charity!! Stop this ‘thought’ and ‘reality’ ke beech ka DISPARITY! This festive season open your heart, home and  bathua, and give sachi, sachi, or you will go down into history, for your air – headed daan – puniya,  in an imaginary duniya!!

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