My  ‘Hindi’  dakhalandazi,  in pure ‘Angrezi’!!!

My  Dearest  readers, thank   you so much for reading my blog;  and  graciously  putting up with me – although  I have been  making  Khichdi out of the  English language!! I’m one of those Literature students who was actually thrown out of the kingdom of Literature; fell off the tree of Linguistics,. and was rejected by a board of  scoffing, nearly choking and  coughing, English Professors, who CHASED me out of town with a BROOM !!: …Cursing my khandaan from maasi to buaa; Giving one after the other  English mein  bad’duaa…!!!’  and yet : I chose to come back – and show my face – and even try a HAND AT WRITING!!!

So,  you see, I just don’t have what it takes : to be  an English writer like everyone else … my WRITINGS  lack  that ‘SHAKESPEARE – IC’ “thee, thy, thou, thine”  wala  Angrezi touch …My pronunciation and diction have  some sort of an issue – for me, it’s easier to write “arey, jaa re .. yeh puniya ka kaam kar ke, aa.. re !!” rather than, ” I hereby ordain unto thee, to perform this noble task”

If , any  English writers;  narrated  a  story  about “the fights  between two wives of a gentleman; ”, they  would certainly  bring together the most polished of words to adorn the title of the story; LIKE : “The miseries of the 2 wives” Or “The fable of the 2 Wives who fought throughout their  lives ” Or maybe “The two  quarreling  wives ”…. But  my title for the same would be….“Sautan Lagaye Aag, Jaan Bacha ke Bhaag”!!

6 thoughts on “My  ‘Hindi’  dakhalandazi,  in pure ‘Angrezi’!!!

  1. I’m in love with your work and you for me represent the voice of those under confident convent kids who think using Hindi words in English will get them into problem
    Keep up the Good Work

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