The Ordering  Disorder!!

These are the; COMMANDING and DEMANDING :  riotous type of people WHO simply cannot  do anything on their own: or go anywhere without creating – a RUCKUS and treating others like animals from a CIRCUS!! ..‘do this , do that, this way – that  way, … faster properly !!.. karke logon ka sarr chabaa  jaate hain!!

These finicky – panicky sophisticated, bheja eaters !! want everything done in a frightfully RIGID, unrealistically,  ‘PERFECT’ manner and will go on ORDERING –  and chewing up your brain for the most INSIGNIFICANT  thing!!!..  till they’re gasping for BREATH!!! But – baap – rey  baap!! –  they shall not give up on being the “MALIK” ….who gives everyone HUKKUM  and scares everyone to DEATH!!

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