Pandemic  padh  gaya  bhaari, one more year wearing mask is jaari!!

Welcome to yet another year – of living:

“MASK” ke peeche se,

Shopping, shutter ke neeche se –

And if police coming from AAGE;

Na jaane hum main se kitney – toh dukaan waale ko hii, leke bhaage!!

Mask pehen ke,  baat karte hain ese – Baap – re – baap !! maano, hum sab hain ‘paan khao thukdu jaise’ !! Maine kaha, Chachi ; mujhe lagi hain bhuk, signal pe  Kuch khilaoge?? Chaachi ne  suna:, mujhe hain single hone ka duk!! Meri shaadi kab karaoge???

While eating and drinking – We often forget…..that there’s a  ‘rumali roti’  like kapda – between the pakoda and our mouth! And, kids   have chewed on  it like chewing gum, others – have  chabaod   it  along with their  subji … And yet  there are THOSE who’ve been EXTRA innovative  and – used it as an ‘INSTANT” FILTER while drinking water!!

So dear friends…  with all  of this ’muh’ – ka – baandi and ‘naakabandhi’ continuing…: – this  year; “bada bada” unrealistic goals nai rakhne ka, One fine day “wala pahad ukhaadne” ka soch nai rakne ka, itna sabr rakne ka – Ki  everyday life main shiddat se kaam karne ka …..’Life’s NOT about : Running ‘ghode’ jaise koi RACE –  It’s the DAILY things that with COURAGE you have to face!! Better than “full speed pe BREAKDOWN” is maintaining a consistent everyday PACE!!’

4 thoughts on “Pandemic  padh  gaya  bhaari, one more year wearing mask is jaari!!

  1. Why every sanskari naari should be protected in ghar ka chaar diwari when she is in home kitna kaam kare bechari and when she is working kyu phirti hai maari maari …. This is the patriarchal thoughts of our society


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