Hum ladkiyo ki Aage ki padhai, and the recurring khayal of Single Reh jaane ka sawal !!

We girls, our further studies and the slight gloom hanging over our heads
of “missing out on a probable groom” !!

Humare Mohale ke Chikni – chupdi Chachiyo ki paltan, ne mujhse kaha : – ” Arey Chhori!! itna mat padho ki single hi reh jaoge!!’Toh maine bhi, unko kaha : ” aap apna dekho aur zarra chai – pakoda ke aage sochna seekho varna – good morning ke guldaste bhej bhej ke sabko satate reh jaoge”But Yes!! We beautiful, young and undoubtedly intelligent girls; do – every now and then get affected by the “ending up remaining single factor” and we often have this crazy conversation and doubt about our further Education.We think ” yaar jab tak humara PhD complete ho jayega… “We’ll be like gone-with-the wind; murjhaya hua flowers “without makeup or GEHNA”-And by then all the handsome HUNKS will have chosen the other girls, and call us their “pyari BEHNA”!!We imagine ourselves as “muh main kum daant, walking stick, jhuriyo and gol frame wale chashmo ke sath” Becoming a FOSSIL at the study table- “Kitabo ke dher main” while other girls roam around with lipstick, Kajal, high Heels style bikher bikher ke!!

Of course- that’s just our imagination…But dear girls, let me tell you : by then we’ll be: strong Women; intellectual, professional, and well- read an edge above the rest…!! When intelligence dresses itself with confidence : Sabki -“Pairo talle zameen khisak jayegi !!Chakra jayenge, takra jayenge, Gir, padh ke collide and collapse ho jayenge!! Slip aur, skid ho jayenge ….!Phighal ke liquid ho jayenge”Even if we just pass by, SIDE se -Samjo dill – o – dimag se completely ghayal ho jayenge- Itne highly Educated Ladki ke SIGHT se!!

8 thoughts on “Hum ladkiyo ki Aage ki padhai, and the recurring khayal of Single Reh jaane ka sawal !!

  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚โค๐Ÿ’ฏ Just way too good!! Brilliantly put forward and packs quite a punch!
    Especially the chai pakoda part …EPIC!!


  2. Roshni mam this is absolutely necessary to spread the awareness that indian womens are always subjected to domestic domain and it’s our time to lift the barrier and make her powerful social leader


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