Fast and furious : Online food delivery and it’s followers

Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao  ande…. that’s old – fashioned. Here’s  the modern nuske and funde!! Sunday ho ya  Monday, chatpata, masaledaar; food  is just a click away.  Super – fast order online, RIGHT NOW  and feast on  garma – garam muh main paani laane wala lazeez, swaadisht  khatta  meetha  thikka .. combo main ya single – one day ho ya full week, jab, jitna aur jitney baar ho mann! Sandwich, burger, maska – bun,  ANYTIME, ANYWHERE  eating  ALL the TIME  is so  fun!! Earlier it was, “home delivery , safety  ke naam pe ( during lockdown)” now it’s  din ho ya raat,  “ jamm ke khao – online offers ke daam pe”. ..  aur phir  pade raho sofa pe; bina  kisi kaam ke!!  

Mere  online food  ke andhe premiyo aur deewano,  Bhaiyo, Behno, School ke bacho, College ke  macho,  chote chote  employees and bade bade CEO… ab  online  food  is our preference rozana,  for us;  ghar ka khana is  ‘uncool’ and purana : cause we’re the ‘technology main full – on, health main full – gone’ FOOLISH  NAYA  zamana!!

2 thoughts on “Fast and furious : Online food delivery and it’s followers

  1. Very true.
    Par ab delivery charges are soaring new heights yaar……but still I crave for delicious steamy momos on a rainy evenings——


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