Bollywood Baba Ranveer Singh’s photo with his INVISIBLE new clothes!

We are all familiar with Baba’s HATKE  extravagant  dressing sense : kabhi rang birangi chamkila shirt…toh kabhi dheela- dhala skirt.  But what kind of fashion sense is this, Baba? posing looking so outrageously ‘behaal’ and showing us your whole body and khaal..You see, even our aadi – manav ancestors during prachin kaal did not cause this kind of LAFDA  and made sure they had something like phul- patti, ghas – phus or animal skin as KAPDA. 

But there is also a lot of ADMIRATION and APPRECIATION for this Baba’s very same  ‘BINAKAPDA’ wala pose,!!  – and this is what caught my attention, I was like, “baap rey, how  are these people  able to see and NOTICE something so extraordinarily different in  this photo? And how come I can’t? I thought to myself  “that way, I may not be all that smart but, thoda – bahut art ki samaj toh even I have” ..So I tried again, but this time – chashma laga ke, nazar gadake; ..I stared and glared in the hope; that I too might see what makes this UNATTIRED’ photograph so SPECTACULAR! But unfortunately I must admit; there must be in it –  some jabardast  ‘kala pradarshan’ samajhne ki highly superior intelligence, wali baat.” For I could STILL not NOTICE  anything apart from what is OBVIOUS, that is – photo mein, “ek  DARING BANDA hain, LEKIN pura NANGA hain!!”

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