Ladies and the discount Sales:

What’s even more interesting than these  discount sales in themselves,  is to see how YOU, ME, TINA, MEENA and DIANA, who are otherwise quite civilized – looking;  become into  junglee hyenas!! (yes ladies, all of us equally … none of us are dudh ka dhula, once the discount sales are khula!!) : “Gate khulne se pehle tayar, hum ready hote hain bahar; : with the same aim in mind ;- FAST and FURIOUS  to be FIRST and FOREMOST to grab all that’s possibly there :uchal – khud ke, chalang laga ke in one go; to scoop up all  the cosmetics, dresses, heels and  jewelry.

And ofcourse,  with the same irresistible thought of “what ALL  we’ll get for FREE;  how big would be the branded saman ka HEAP?? Pura truck bhar ke lenge since things will be CHEAP”!!

You know, Ladies…. even the  devil himself  might  actually end up making way for us; if he ever happens to  see  the toofani andaaz  in which we ENTER the discount site! Like bulldozers raking our way through, nearly unhinging  the gate or the door, and ukhado – fying  the tiles from the FLOOR!!  ‘Girte, padhte, marte,  sabko  dhakka- mukka de ke ; baaju karte…Baap re baap…  when it comes to discount sales, hum Ladies – log  kisi ke baap se nahi darte!

3 thoughts on “Ladies and the discount Sales:

  1. The imagery was superb. I actually thought I was in the middle of a swarm of ladies being swayed from one place to another. But we have to confess one thing, the 3 words that grant us divine joy are


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