12th Board Exams and Valentine’s Day!!

My dearest 12th Standard students- your Boards are just in a few days, and tomorrow is yet  another one of those HOPELESS most awaited FAVORITE days of yours; – Valentine’s Day

How much of your BRAIN and recharge can you waste on talking to your classmates Dolly and Molly, and roaming around celebrating Valentine’s Day every day?? There are other DAYS and MOMENTS you should be celebrating in your life as well.

For example, when was the last time you said ‘THANK YOU’ to your Mummy and Daddy, for their blessing and gift? Or told your Granny, aaj mandir tak main Aapko dunga lift? 

Dairy Milk asks you, “HOW FAR will YOU go for LOVE??” I’m quite sure – you’ll go far enough to send your parents to the hospital BED!! With all of that  Dairy Milk’s ‘heart-popping OUT’ of the chocolate in your HEAD!!!

Arey bacho, sharam karo- Bhagwan aur Maa-Baap se daaro! YOU are only 12th ke bache- With no degree, no naukri, future ke plans are KACHE;

So please bacho- sahi kaam main dikhao apni hoshiyari, TOMORROW sit at your desk and Board exam ke liye pure lagan aur mehnat se karo tayari!

3 thoughts on “12th Board Exams and Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Beautiful words describes very well for today’s generation kids who are not bothered for actual love and affection from our beloved parents who doesn’t believe in give and take relationship but have faith that some day we will make them proud by proving how their upbringing and hardwork results by being Successful,Honest and Disciplined child . Only parents are the one who fulfill all our dream and wishes without any expectations.

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