12th Boards for the batch that didn’t give it in 10th 

This is our country’s EXTRAORDINARY  batch that had “no boards in 10th” lockdown ke beech, online paas hone waale students. They don’t know how to stick stickers of ‘barcode and hologram’ but they know everything about snapchat and Instagram!! As they had given their 10th board exam ONLINE in the comfort of their home…

But this time, they have to leave home and go to their respective exam Centers; we only hope, that they’ll remember to take their- hall-ticket, pen-pencil case and exam board, and not wait for exam link, whatsapp notification or zoom meeting joining code!! 

That year (2020-2021)10th percentage of many students, na jaane kaise itna khaas tha?? Kyunki uss saal toh students ka reading-writing main jara bhi practice nahi tha !! 

I wonder how it would be if they had to write a note to the authorities of the 12th board requesting them to excuse their spelling mistakes? …it would probably look something like this : 

“Deer Madm/Sur pls giv me som grass with my spillings in boad exemption, as i gav full concession in studz even tho my eyes are not working poply due to  full 2 ears of using googly. Pls under scam my feers  or when result com my pairants, will be ghastly fascinated and I will be teers.

(“Dear Madam/Sir please give me some grace with my spellings in the board examination as I gave my full concentration in studies, even though I’m having eye problems due to the usage of mobile during the 2 years of lockdown. Please understand my fears or, when results come my parents will be greatly frustrated and I will be in tears.”)

Nevertheless, wishing all of you, and my younger brother Roshan, all the very best for your 12th Boards. 

21st February se boards hain, no doubt sar pe syllabus ka load hain. This time there is no “click and submit option”. You’ll have to take a supplement, says your portion!! Time pe reaching, seat no. list main upar se neeche searching.. be well-prepared, but don’t be scared, before you even know your result will be declared!! And there’s no doubt that at the end you’ll make us all proud.

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