Mini Skirts are fashion statements, not the definition of freedom of women. 

I have no problem with the praise of mini skirts, but there is something not okay with trying to attribute women’s progress, success, and most importantly – FREEDOM to it. And putting down other attires which women have worn with great pride and  ease since generations. 

Writer Shinie Antony has written a tribute to the inventor of mini skirts, the late Mary Quant, she writes “Before Mary Quant struck at hemlines with surgical precision, no one knew that women had legs. At least two of the four female limbs had been a matter of conjecture and wishful thinking, covered as they were in billowing gowns, or sari and salwar in India. With one snip of British designer Mary’s scissors in 1964, the mini was born, which made the midi and maxi hide in closets, ashamed of their garrulous length and breadth.”

Her writing makes it sound as if women had no existence till their BARE LEGS from below the thighs were seen through the invention of the mini Skirt, and for the Indian woman her misfortune was caused by the time-tested, forever loved, magnificently and incomparably beautiful attires like sarees, and salwars; simply because they covered our legs!!

She mentions that “For girls barred from wearing short dresses as adults, the memory of childhood frocks brings to them the nostalgia of running unhindered, jumping, climbing trees and an innocent pleasure in seeing one’s own legs browned by the sun.” 

No doubt as children we were carefree, and regardless of what we wore, our childhood memories are some of the most beautiful memories that we all carry throughout our lives. But as a young woman myself; I wonder how many of us now as grown up Indian women miss our childhood frock, and consider being modestly dressed as a restriction?? And desire to be free – running and jumping around in a mini skirt?? 

This article has truly messed with my brain, and I simply can’t make sense out of her statements…her reference to Mary Quant’s belief that “VULGARITY IS LIFE ”…!! And her own so-called ‘highly fashionable’ idea that lessening and lessening the length of the skirt has brought about “freedom and economic independence and autonomy over one’s own body”.

2 thoughts on “Mini Skirts are fashion statements, not the definition of freedom of women. 

  1. It is said that ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. A woman, irrespective of her culture and country, needs to be respected and loved. Outward beauty, like attire, are but temporary things. What needs to be seen, felt and cherished is her loving heart and strength of character. Not ‘vulgarity’ but ‘grace’ is what should define a woman.


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